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4:4:1:1 Tincture

4:4:1:1 Tincture

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750 mg total cannabinoids

Are you looking for a versatile anytime tincture? Then I'd bet on this powerful but still legal hemp tincture. Each dose contains 10 mg each of CBD/CBG and 2.5 mg of both CBC and THC. The precise dosing of blending isolates together is rounded off for a full entourage effect by using Live Resin Cannabis derived terpenes, Boasting Myrcene, Limonene, and A-Pinene as its top three most prevalent terpenes giving it a bit of a sweet yet earthy fruity herbal taste. Providing a wonderful hybrid effect that is great anytime, day or night! Whether you are looking for relief or just looking to level up your wellness routine this tincture is the truth!

4:4:1:1 tincture. Contains 10 mg cbd, 10 mg cbg, 2.5 mg cbc, and 2.5 mg thc per 1ml dropper. 30 ml bottle.


Certified organic MCT oil, hemp extracts,Live Resin Cannabis Terpenes


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